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21 x 30 cm, 20 pages

Art.Nr. VHR 762
ISBN 978-3-86434-083-3
ISMN 979-0-2013-2579-8

Alfons Holzschuh / Jaques Huber

Neue Melodica-Schule 1

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for individual and group lessons

: Melodica

Volume 1 contains a short introduction to music theory and posture as well as a lot of playing material in the form of well-known folk songs and dances. Chords above the notes make it possible to play music with an accompanying instrument. Volumes 1 and 2 have been published as additional playing material under the title "Der Weg zum Melodica-Meister".

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Table of contents

Kleine Musiklehre

Die Haltung des Instruments

Wie spielt man die Melodica

Das Spiel beginnt

Kleine Spielstücke

Der 3/4-Takt

Die G-Lage

Die Achtelnoten

Der Auftakt

Die Erweiterung des Tonraums