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30 x 23 cm, 32 pages

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ISBN 978-3-86434-168-7
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Anna Reichert

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Finger exercises with animal stories for the beginning on the piano

: Piano

The short exercises in this collection introduce children to comprehensive and carefully developed technique and a healthy posture at the piano in a playful, imaginative way. Numerous aspects such as learning the names of notes, a first introduction to reading music, discovering the sonorities of different five-finger positions, agogic and dynamic differentiation, and encouraging children's own musical creativity are all included. Variations are suggested for each exercise so that the "animal stories" can be adapted for a wide variety of needs.

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Table of contents

Allgemeine Prinzipien und Spielideen

Coco – Gewicht und Entspannung / Daumenuntersatz bzw


Delia – Flexibilität und Lockerheit im Handgelenk / Tonrepetition und

kraftvolles Staccato / Register-Sensibilisierung

Emil – Kontrolle im Pianoanschlag / Rhythmisierung/Körperbewusstsein

Fela – Galopp-Rhythmus / Stärkung des Handgewölbes

Gerhard – Dichtes Legato-Spiel / Rhythmische Veränderungen / Agogik /

Notations- und Gehörbildungsübungen

Arabella – Fingerübersatz/Daumentraining / Triller-Vorübung /


Hara – Daumenrepetition / Staccato-Training

Authors portrait

Anna Reichert was born in Zurich and studied in Zurich, Berlin and Lübeck after graduating from high school. After her artistic studies, she obtained a part-time Master of Advanced Studies in Music Education at the Bern University of the Arts. A personal focus was early instrumental teaching. In the course of this advanced training, she also created the "Animal Stories", which were developed for a very young student to learn the names of the keys. Anna Reichert plays at the "Sonarelli" participatory concerts for children in Schaffhausen and has two daughters of her own. She teaches students of all ages at a music school in Winterthur and at a high school in Au/Zurich. In Winterthur, where she also lives, Anna Reichert is involved in school development, in the organization of projects and on the board of the teachers' association. She is also a regular member of juries for youth music competitions and performance exams. A yoga teacher training and an advanced training as a children's yoga teacher complete her profile.

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