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Art.Nr. VHR 3802
ISBN 978-3-920470-43-6
ISMN 979-0-2013-0042-9
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Andrea Holzer-Rhomberg

Fiedel-Max 2 Violine

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Violin method

: Violin

The 2nd position (low 2nd finger) is being introduced and combined with the first position. Various stroke techniques like martelé, staccato, spiccato plus simple changes of position to the harmonics in octaves enlarge the playing technique.

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Table of contents

Die 2. Griffart

Die Namen der Töne auf der A-Saite


Die dicke Regenwolke

Tanz der Zwerge

Laura Lustig

Die Flitzefinger

Böhmische Polka

Die Namen der Töne auf der E-Saite

Im Traumland

Russisches Lied

Die Turbo-Fiedel

Ludwig Langsam


Die Namen der Töne auf der D-Saite

Wenn der Elefant tanzen geht

Trude Traurig

Die flotte Lotte


Die Namen der Töne auf der G-Saite

Das Nilpferd

Ritter Bärenstark

G-Saiten-Bossa Nova


Die C-Dur-Tonleiter

Der Geschichtenerzähler

Der Kreisel

Die G-Dur-Tonleiter

Der irische Fiddler

Wiegende Wellen

Die G-Dur-Tonleiter über zwei Oktaven

Hoch und Tief


Der Martelé-Strich

Ungarischer Tanz

Das Staccato


Das Spiccato

Alla Zingarese


Authors portrait

Andrea Holzer-Rhomberg studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and Vienna University for Music and the Performing Arts, after which she had a busy concert career at home and abroad. Since 1988, she has run successful class for violin and viola at her local music school in Feldkirch. Beside her teaching career, she has been a member of the jury for the Austrian competition ‘Prima la Musica’ for many years, and has led master classes for violin and viola for Austrian Master Classes. Andrea Holzer-Rhomberg is also very involved in further education for music teachers: her seminars on a holistic approach for string specialists are very popular.

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