Tutor Books

  1. Jede Menge Flötentöne! 1

    Barbara Ertl

    Jede Menge Flötentöne! 1

    Tutor for descant recorder with a whistle

    When a child starts to learn to play an instrument, it already has a wealth of musical experiences and adventures. It has learned to differentiate between sounds and pitches, possesses various listening experiences and quite often has a considerable repertoire of songs an verses as well. Through the development of motor skills and language aquisit...
    € 14.80
    Incl. 7% Tax
  2. Blockflötenunterricht mit Kindergruppen

    Sylvia Führer / Manfredo Zimmermann

    Blockflötenunterricht mit Kinder...

    € 27.80
    Incl. 7% Tax